StandUp-SpeakOut of North Carolina

Volunteer Opportunities

  • 9/23/17-Event Support Assistant- Durham, NC 2pm-6pm
  • 10/28/17-Event Support Assistant- Greenville, NC 11am-3pm
  • 11/4/2017-Event Support Assistant- Durham, NC 2pm-9pm
  • 11/4/17-BackStage Support for Purple Freedom Production 2pm-9pm
  • Board Members Open Positions Available
  • Photographer for Upcoming Events
  • Administrative Support
  • Fundraising Coordinator for 2018
  • Community Outreach Coordinator 2018
  • Volunteer Coordinator 2018
  • Graphic Artist for upcoming projects

Volunteer Responsibilities vary and depend on the type of event and function we are preparing for.

  • Conference / Workshop Events — responsibilities May consist of event planning and logistics. Helping with Registration, Parking, Sitting, activities, etc.
  •  In the Office — You can help with office tasks such as putting together event packets, making phone calls, filing, etc.
  •  Fundraisers — You can help with passing flyers/surveys, PArking, silent auction, raffle, etc.
  • Social Media / blog — You can assist with promotion and advertising of events.

Again, thank you for your interest in our programs. If you have any questions, please contact US.

Volunteer Application

Volunteers Are Love In motion...

 We would like to thank all potential volunteers for your interest in  Standup~SpeakOut. Without you our events and programs could not be a success.

To be eligible to be a volunteer you must first fill out the volunteer application on the right. When we receive
your application, we will contact you and set up an Interview and Orientation, background checks are required for some of our  Volunteer Assignments; specifically when working with our youth.