Currently accepting referrals in Person County (Roxboro, North Carolina) for youth who may be at risk of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse, criminal/legal trouble, homelessness, drop outs, gang affiliate, teen pregnancy, and family risk factors such as poverty, or substance abuse.


Art Therapy is the therapeutic use of art making through creative writing, spoken word/poetry, painting, sculpting, music, and dance.  Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self worth while learning creative methods to manage symptom-related stress in conjunction with traumatic experiences..

mission & vision

To empower individuals we serve by providing advocacy and  therapeutic support through Art Therapy for children and teens who are victims or witnesses to domestic violence and sexual abuse..

StandUp-SpeakOut of North Carolina

pROGRAMS & Services

Community Outreach
Provides education-child safety and prevention  resources- support groups for women & teens-workshops-trainings.

  • Breathe Life Sister Circle (for women 18 and up)
Monthly women's dedicated to discussing varies topics self awareness, empowerment, physical, psychological, financial, parenting,  and sexual abuse.
  • Breathe Life Teen Circle  (for teens 13-18)
Monthly teen group dedicated to engaging teens in  varies topics self awareness, empowerment, physical, psychological, financial, and sexual abuse.
  • Project speakout
Outreach initiative offered to elementary, middle, and high schools providing education and awareness on Teen Dating Violence, Cyberbully, Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Boundaries (K-5) .Students learn creative approaches on how to advocate against abuse in their schools and communities.  The goal of Project SpeakOut is to teach students through education and awareness how to SpeakOUT when they see violence in their schools.


Speak-Out Mentoring Program

Provides high qualified mentors to support child domestic violence victims and child sexual abuse victims. mentors will provide additional support to youth participating in counseling and group therapy. assist youth with practicing skills learned in therapy sessions. Mentors will assist youth in their social, academic, and personal lives. Providing leadership, motivation, and positive role models to assist youth in building confidence, self esteem and becoming successful in their present and future lives.

Speak-Out’s Artistic Enrichment Camp

S.U.S.O Enrichment Camp program is design to help youth learn effective ways to express themselves while teaching life skills and development through Art Therapy. Youth who attend  Speak-Out’s Camp should develop, communication, social, life skills, business/entrepreneur skills, in addition campers establish leadership skills and develop a  positive outlook on life.

Empowering People-Inspiring Communities (E.P.I.C)

The EPIC program is a case management service that will focus on strengthening and promoting equal and healthy family relations within the home. We provide confidential support services, safety planning, advocacy, and self-sufficiency to battered parents with abused and neglected children, the program successfully promotes safety for parents and children.